The Ultimate Serial Port

"Your Debug Buddy"
from Mystic Engineering

Debug Buddy


BeagleBone Black Usage

The Beaglebone Black has a 3.3V serial port on the J1 header. You can use this port to run a serial console, allowing you to view boot/kernel messages and also log in.

The serial port settings for the terminal emulator are 115200/8N1, no handshaking.

Beaglebone Black J1 serial connector

Configure the Debug Buddy for 3.3V RS232 mode by removing both sets of jumper wires. Then connect the BeagleBone Black to the Debug Buddy using three wires, as follows:


Debug Buddy Beaglebone Black J1 Connector
TXD J7 pin 1 RXD pin 4
RXD J7 pin 2 TXD pin 5
GND (any J2 pin or
the black test point loop)
GND pin 1