The Ultimate Serial Port

"Your Debug Buddy"
from Mystic Engineering

Debug Buddy


SolidRun Hummingboard Usage

The HummingBoard has a 3.3V serial port accessible on the 26 pin header.You can use this port to run a serial console, allowing you to view boot/kernel messages and also log in.

The serial port settings for the terminal emulator are 115200/8N1, no handshaking.

Configure the Debug Buddy for 3.3V RS232 mode by removing both sets of jumper wires. Then connect the HummingBoard to the Debug Buddy using three wires, as follows:

HummingBoard Connections


Debug Buddy HummingBoard 26 Pin Connector
TXD J3 pin 1 RXD pin 10
RXD J3 pin 2 TXD pin 8
GND (any J2 pin or
the black test point loop)
GND pin 6, 14, 20, or 25

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