Use a PC Power Supply as a Bench Supply

The ATX PS Adapter
from Mystic Engineering

ATX PS Adapter


Power Supply Type

There are several types of PC power supplies that will work with the ATX PS Adapter. Determine what type of supply you have by comparing the color of the wires to the following diagrams

Power Supply Wiring Identification
Standard ATX Dell Standard ATX12
Standard ATX Dell ATX12

Match the cabling on your power supply's motherboard connector to the diagrams to determine what type you have. Some Dell supplies are wired like the Dell diagram, others are standard ATX, so it's worth a quick check.

In theory an ATX12 24 pin connector should also work if you can manage to plug in the connector with pins 1 and 13 in socket and pins 11,12,23,and 24 overhanging the connector. I have not verified it's physically possible to do this without modifying the connector, so try this at your own risk.