Use a PC Power Supply as a Bench Supply

The ATX PS Adapter
from Mystic Engineering

ATX PS Adapter


Use an ATX PC power supply as a 5V, 3.3V, and +12V/-12V bench supply the easy way, without cutting the case or mounting external connectors, resistors, LEDs, switches, and fuses. Provides visual indication when supply is plugged in and turned on, also fuses the power voltage outputs for safety. Run USB powered development boards via the USB connectors on the 5V line.


Ronn Folk has made a video review which nicely covers all the features.

ATX PS Adapter Full (assembled and tested) $27.99 Discontinued
ATX PS Adapter Barebones (assembled and tested - no Dell PS connector, USB, test points, or standby LED) $19.99 Discontinued
ATX PS Adapter Kit Full (all parts, you assemble) $22.99 Discontinued

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