Use a PC Power Supply as a Bench Supply

The ATX PS Adapter
from Mystic Engineering

ATX PS Adapter


DYI Links

Here are some articles detailing modification of an ATX supply to be a bench supply... if you'd like to Do It Yourself, have at it!

Mystic Engineering offers a reasonably priced PCB that does the same thing as these conversions, but offers plug and play simplicity, fusing, convenient connectors, indactor LEDs, power switch, etc... quite appealing to people who would like to save some time and get straight to hacking their electronics projects.

Variable Voltage

Want to add a variable voltage output to your supply? This is fairly easy using an LM317. You could build a separate board to run off the ATX PS Adapter as detailed in the first article below: use one of the fixed voltage outputs from the ATX PS Adapter to power your LM317, whichever voltage is closest to what you need.

Pinout Reference